Antique Cuckoo Clock

Around 1850, the architect Friedrich Eisenlohr followed the reputation of a competition of the Grand Ducespectively Badische Watchmaking School and presented the design of the first train station watch. This conquered the hearts of the people and established themselves for the century design. Even today, this sober shape is very popular.

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An original from the Black Forest

The cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest have become the real flagship of the region. According to the Statista survey, the cuckoo clock landed in 10th place among the best "products" from German lands. Since 1730-er years the cuckoo clocks in Black Forest are still made in real handwork. The original whistling technique of the cuckoo call, molds and intricately designed carvings have survived the test of time and are still used today, as they were then. The movement has evolved and is also produced in the Black Forest, in Schonach by SBS-Feintechnik.

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Association of Black Forest Clock Manufacturers ensures that you get an original Black Forest Clock. 

You wonder why it is so important? 

The elaborate production of cuckoo clocks is characterized by almost 300 years of tradition in the Black Forest. Most of the production steps are still done by real handwork today. Artistic skill and craftsmanship are essential for the creation of a cuckoo clock. There are only a few master craftsmen left in the Black Forest who practice this traditional craft. It is a special form of craftsmanship, which from our point of view is absolutely worth preserving, because what are we without our traditions? 

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About us

Cuckoo clocks offered here stand for special and high quality craftsmanship from the Black Forest. All cuckoo clocks are handmade and go through strict controls by the clock masters before delivery.

We founded CuckooClock24 because we want to make more people's hearts beat faster with cuckoo clocks. 

With cuckoo clocks we associate the possibility to feel home and longing, to remember the time spent with related people, to remember places where we spent our youth. And it is exactly these feelings that we would like to convey to you.

Support sustainability
The manufactories source all parts exclusively from the region. Carvers and carpenters are local masters.

Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks
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